Our physical location is Ghana, located in West Africa, located in Africa, located on planet earth. Our ideas though, are out of this world!

CWe are a small, lean and smart creative, advertising and digital agency in Ghana and we love startups, SMEs and any one striving to be the best in their industry. Our delight is in the generation of concept and strategies that aid and enable you achieve your organizational or business objectives.


We Enjoy Thinking

Our approach is radical, our thinking unique and our love for breaking the “rules” unquenchable.

We Choose Our Clients

We love clients who are not afraid to try new things and to dare challenge the status quo in their industry and clients who are not afraid to commit their money to what they believe in.

Content Is The Key

We develop content for you. Sometimes all you need is some killer content to turn your brand or company fortune around. Content is a key we love.